Working Around Other Creative Folks

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I grew up in a household that was, to put it nicely... bonkers. With seven kids in the family, there was always someone around to talk with or drive you nuts (depending on how you looked at it). I guess that really rubbed off on me, because when it comes to my working style today, I enjoy a healthy mix of quiet solitude and interaction with other people. People who are doing things... people who think big... people who are using their talents to make things happen really inspire me.

It is for this reason that I enjoy attending conferences, conventions, and being in places in which people are talking about and practicing their craft. I also enjoy working in a coffee shop, although I do less of that now that I am in Europe where that sort of thing isn't really practiced. I would love to someday have an office in a creative collective such as the newly formed Makeshift Society in San Francisco. Even though my projects (thus far anyhow) are ultimately solo endeavors, I know being in that sort of environment would be a big motivator for me. Someday! For the moment, this sort of interaction has turned pretty much virtual, but I hope the future will bring more opportunities to soak in other people's passion and apply it to my own creativity and production!

Does working around other creative people inspire you
or do you like to work in complete solitude?

The above photo is from a comic book in a night event I attended quite a few years back in Indianapolis with a dozen or so other people hurriedly drawing comics. As you can see, I was still able to concentrate (well, thats how I remember it anyhow!) despite the frenetic environs.


  1. I find being around creative, passionate people inspiring, but to actually get work done I need solitude and time and, above all, quiet. I need to be alone with my thoughts. I also need coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

  2. Yes, coffee is key! When I am writing I need to be alone, but planning, outlining, etc. can be done around others... or Netflix. ;)

  3. It's definitely about 'The Right' creative people and then for me it is AWESOME! Iwas in an artist studio when I first moved to Melbourne and paying a weekly rental fee. It was the worst studio, noone shared, people would hold the door closed to their space when you went to speak to them, noone wanted to share knowledge, it was the worst experience so I moved my art practise back home. I've now discovered a way to have a community online (and some real life craft groups) and getting a yearning to be in a more collaborative space but it's been a journey..... I'm loving though the BYW course and being with other bloggers there, it is an AWESOME experience, Blessings, KittyB

    1. Yes, of course -- being surrounded by people who inspire in any arena of life is very important. I would love to someday try a rented space, but for now the virtual thing will have to suffice! Thanks for stopping by, Kitty! :)