Constantly Learning - Harnessing Time and Staying Focused

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You would think that after 28 years on this Earth I would have this time management and staying focused thing under control, right? Nope! You too? Yeah, time is tricky like that. It flies by just when we need it to stay still, and there never seems to be enough of it! I feel like I used to be pretty organized and efficient, but lately, my staying focused skills have been lacking. I can chalk it up to all the big life changes of late, but really, I know I need to take responsibility and accept the fact that how I currently work is well... not working!

Back when I first started blogging over at my primary blog, Sequential Crush I pretty much stayed awake as much as possible to cram as much research, blogging, publishing, and networking in between my full-time day job and all the other life stuff. It was amazing and exhilarating and I don't regret a minute of that period of hard work and dedication. But as awesome as it was, my severe lack of sleep took its toll. Since then I have learned that sleeping at least seven hours a night along with eating healthfully, exercising, and staying hydrated are major factors in being productive. Now that I seem to have that stuff down (more or less) I need to work on the staying focused aspect of things. For me, this means not checking my email every hour, getting sucked into my bloglovin' feed, watching puppy videos... you know how it goes. Since my time working on my projects is relegated to evenings and weekends, I really need to get better about staying focused and making the best of the time I do have. There will never be any more minutes in the day, but I do have the power to manage how I use those minutes!

How about you?
Do you have problems staying on task or managing time?


  1. Great post! I find that I'll go through a few months of being super organised and then for some reason it will just fall by the way-side. I also need to be better at doing one thing at a time :)

    1. That is a pretty common thing for me too, to have months that are more productive than others. If only all 12 could be full speed ahead!

  2. Yes and yes. I am easily distracted by blogs/news/wikipedia/shiny things. And then there are the babies. I love the intergoogles and all, but it's no contest when the kiddos need a cuddle. Or a nappy change.