Radishes + Rapunzel

Sunday, October 28, 2012

As seen over at covet garden

A teeny-tiny Danish radish

I definitely consider myself more of a vegetable person than a fruit person. I can't think of any vegetable that I don't like in fact! I discovered my love for radishes a couple years ago and frankly, I don't eat them often enough. Back in September I saw this simple little recipe for radish tea sandwiches over at the covet garden blog, and I finally got around to trying them yesterday. So simple, so good! I will definitely be making these again. One could even add roast beef, I suppose, for something a little heartier.

On a side note: radishes always kind of make me chuckle because whenever I eat them I can't help but picture Shelley Duvall in the Faerie Tale Theatre version of Rapunzel eating them like a mad woman. When I start having dreams of killer radishes I will know I have had too many!


  1. I'm definitely a vegetable person over fruit as well! But I've never been able to get into radishes because of their bite. Any suggestions for serving them, besides chopped up in a salad?
    ~Becca from BYW

    1. They can be really spicy (for lack of a better descriptor!) but I found that the step covet garden recommends (letting them sit for 10 minutes with salt on them and then rinsing) really helped reduce the bite and made them softer. I like them on sandwiches and just plain for snacking (dipped in hummus would be tasty too!). I haven't had them any other way, but perhaps they would be good in a soup or maybe even shredded and put on something like fish tacos. I will have to consult Pinterest for some more ideas!

  2. What a wonderful conversation here! Dropping by from BYW and I love radishes. Nothing is quite as yummy as radishes (cold of course ) on a hot summers day! In Australia.
    I think everyone should eat more radishes!

    Also the salt really does work if you don't prefer the bite!