On Not Having Closets

Friday, September 16, 2011

The garment racks arrived and
the clothes are out of the suitcases

Our new apartment is quite nice -- fully-equipped kitchen, huge windows with lots of light and well-maintained hardwood floors. Now that we are starting to acquire more furniture, it is definitely starting to feel homier. One downfall of it is that there aren't any closets! At first I was a little weary, but really, it isn't that bad and it will surely prevent us from accumulating needless clutter! 


  1. Oh, I've always loved the clothes rack as a closet look. The Boy would never go for it, though. You're right about the clutter. As small as they are, our closets are a mess. Love the pic!

  2. can you make a closet along a wall? get some eye hooks, run a cable, get some fab fabric and make curtains to cover your racks?

  3. I think I am actually okay with the exposed rack thing. I kind of feel like I am living in a store, haha!