New Tastes

Monday, September 19, 2011

Serbian Appetizers
The awesome thing about living in a new country and meeting fellow immigrants is the delicious food they bring from their countries. Saturday night we went to a dinner party hosted by a Serbian couple. Oh goodness, the food was delicious! Among other things we had a chance to try ─ćevapi -- a traditional grilled meat dish. It got me thinking... if I ever wind up holding a dinner party, what would I serve that would quintessentially represent American cuisine?


  1. That's the thing about the US, I don't think you can't say it has just one quintessential cuisine. Every region has it's own thing. For me, it's fried chicken or BBQ or something Cajun like gumbo or red beans and rice.

  2. I suppose I would have to serve beer, brats and cheese curds! :)

  3. Grits and biscuits? Apple pie for definites!