Welcome to The Coziness Project!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to my newest blogging endeavor, The Coziness Project! I have been blogging for many moons now over at my 1960s and '70s romance comic book blog, Sequential Crush. The Coziness Project will serve as a little more personal look into my thoughts, life, and my impending journey as I emigrate to Denmark! I would have never dreamed I would be moving abroad, but when my boyfriend Justin was offered a job as a designer with LEGO, we both jumped at the opportunity for such a big change.

The name for this blog, The Coziness Project is derived from the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced like hoo-guh). What on Earth does hygge mean, you are probably asking?! Well, the best description is the feeling of being cozy. Essentially, the exact opposite of any Nodell family gathering! Just kidding there, but really, coziness is something that I hope to achieve
and maintain in our future little Danish home, and bring to you via this blog!
I hope you enjoy The Coziness Project. Posts will probably be a little sporadic at first, and increase once I am actually in Denmark. For now, I hope you enjoy the tales of preparation, mixed in with a dash of crafts, vintage and design!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I'm going to spend all day trying to pronounce hygge. This sounds amazing. It's pretty bold of you to put yourself out there like this. Get excited? :)

  2. Thanks, Tom! I am really looking forward to documenting this huge transition and sharing it with you all! Thanks for being such a loyal reader of Sequential Crush and now The Coziness Project!

  3. Good luck with the move. As an avid watcher of House Hunters International, I look forward to reading of your adventures

  4. Hi Tony! I love that show! This will kind of be the blog version! Thanks for your support! :)

  5. Good luck with the move - Denmark is a wonderful country (even if they have oddly banned Marmite or something of late) - hope you find lots of Danish romance comics for your blog

    Andrew (UK)

  6. Hello Jacque Nodell. I'm a Dane following your blogs, so I'll just let you know that if you're about to move to Copenhagen and have any questions (were to live, what to do, were to go, whats 'hyggeligt' etc.) - let me know.
    All best
    Lasse Lavrsen


  7. Andrew713_graphicxtras: Thank you! I actually read an article about the Marmite banning, but as an American who really has no idea what that is, it shouldn't be a big problem! :)

    Lasse: Thank you so much! I am sure I will take you up on that offer! We are going to be in the Billund area, but I am sure we will travel to Copenhagen frequently! Very nice to "meet" you!

  8. Please do. FYI: Billund is a very quiet town and most designers working at Lego lives in Aarhus, wich is a great small city - very cozy.