Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving always means taking inventory of belongings and getting rid of a few things. Moving overseas means getting rid of a lot of things! I have been slowly whittling away at all the stuff one tends to accumulate through the years, and I am still trying to part with much more of it! The past six months have also involved the challenge of not buying anything else that will have to be moved, stored or parted with. I am happy to report that I have actually done really well, and with the exception of groceries, a few romance comics and some luggage, I really haven't bought anything in months. Surprisingly, it feels really, really good to not buy stuff. Of course, the overwhelming urge to engage in some retail therapy does strike once in a while, as it did yesterday. So, I hit up the thrift store and let myself buy one thing -- this cute little mod flower cup.

Besides patience, I think that one of the greatest lessons I have learned through this experience of preparing to moving overseas has been mindfulness. I certainly hope it is something I can retain once I am in Denmark. Of course, it should be a whole lot easier in a land where tales of Hans Christian Andersen and fourteen dollar deodorant run rampant!


  1. OMG - I have the same cup you have your pencils in! Actually, I have the set of four! Sorry for that outburst; it's just exciting to see your kitchen decor on someone's awesome blog!

  2. Hi, missrubyjones! At the thrift store I saw that there were three -- I figured they were from a set of four! But they were sold separately, so I only scooped up this one. Great minds think alike, right?! :)