Monticello Bookmark

Friday, November 15, 2013

I think it turned out pretty darned good --
but that just may be the very flattering photo
James took of it. 

As I promised to elaborate on in my last post, the Monticello Bookmark pattern from the Posy Collection was the first cross stitching I've done in my adult life (but definitely not the last). When I took the kit out of the box it had been stored in for far too long, within the first few stitches, I knew magic was going to happen. Right out the gate, I also knew it probably wouldn't be perfect. But, I would have tried, and that was the important thing.

The first few stitches.

Before even starting it, I knew who it was for -- avid reader, fellow history nerd, and boyfriend extraordinaire, James. I knew he would appreciate it, and as his birthday was coming up, I figured it would make a unique and heartfelt gift. I kept it all secret from him, which was part of the fun, admittedly. From experience, I highly recommend not telling anyone when you are crafting something for them. Otherwise, the pressure usually becomes far too much, and often (at least for me), the project never sees completion. Anyway, I finished stitching it and sewed some grayish blue plaid backing on it for a little polish, and voilĂ ! Along with a book I knew he'd love, he was delighted, and so was I. I had finished my first cross stitch project.

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