2013 Goals

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I am really good at writing to do lists. I am also pretty good (most of the time) at making the things on those lists happen -- especially the smaller, more specific things. But, where I lack discipline lately is in the making the big things happen. So, this year I have decided that instead of just thinking about my goals, I would share! Hopefully putting some of my intentions out there will help me stay on track. Here they are, in no particular order!

Sequential Crush: I have been running my 1960s and '70s romance comic book blog since April of 2009 and it has been awesome to say the least. This year, I want to continue to grow and diversify my audience, blog more consistently (which for me will mean a goal of two solid posts a week), and work on taking the blog to a new level. This "new level" (which I will share more in depth when the time is right) will hopefully consume most of my non-day job working hours.

The Coziness Project: I am committed to posting here at this blog more this year. Though it is just a little side project, I love it and I don't want to just abandon it. For years I have read lots of lifestyle, crafting, and design blogs, and I want to use The Coziness Project as a vehicle to connect more with those communities.

Get my read on: For someone who loves to read, I really don't get a chance to do it that often. So, this year I am making it a goal to finish at least 25 books. I am kind of an oddball in that I have a hard time reading fiction, so my goal this year is to make at least some of those books fiction. And because I just can't stay away from the non-fiction, I will make it a point to focus my non-fiction reading habits on immersing myself in the study of historiography (an area I have been meaning to brush up on since finishing grad school). Yes, here is where you can call me a huge nerd.

Learn to crochet: I have knitting down, but this year it is time to finally get a handle on knitting's kitschy cousin -- crochet.

Organize my digital world: I would like this year to be the year where I finally organize all my stray computer documents, scan that big stack of old photos that have so patiently been waiting in a drawer, and back everything up in multiple ways. This year i will also buy the new computer that I need pretty badly.

Get better at concentrating: This is probably an area you can identify with me on, especially with all the things out there to distract us on the internets (damn you BuzzFeed and your hilarious/adorable animal posts). I know I have it in me to stay on task, so this year I am going to really work on staying focused, one item at a time. I have in the past unofficially tried to use the Pomodoro technique (especially when writing) but this year I am really going to strive to make it a part of my daily routine.

Continue living healthfully: Moving to Denmark was actually great for me in the health department (no car, so I have to walk everywhere and eating out is expensive and not very good here). I hope that wherever I wind up in 2013, I am able to retain all of the motions and healthy habits that I have put into place over the course of the year.

Family and friends: The other major life thing that I want to be sure to do this year is go visit my family and friends back home at least once this year. This probably seems like a strange "goal," but living far away makes it difficult to find the time and resources to make a trip possible. 

Let stuff go and enjoy the now: Last but not least, I want to also work towards a few not-so-tangible goals that will improve my overall well-being. I really need to get better at filtering out the noise and other nonsense that bothers me and makes me unproductive -- the art of letting stuff go. The other thing I would like to work on this year is enjoying the now. You may have noticed those cute cows (Scottish Highland Cattle that live in front of one of the LEGO buildings here in Denmark to be exact) at the top of the post. Whenever I would see those guys, they were always so chill and easygoing. This year, I am going to work on channeling some of their contentedness and savor the present.

Well, that's it for me! I am sure things will be added and amended throughout the year, but it is good to have a place to start. How about you? What are some of your goals for the year? I would love to hear them and how you plan on making stuff happen!


  1. Great, positive way to look at moving forward. Excited for everything you have planned for this year.

    1. Thank you, Kevin! Me too! This little pessimist is slowing seeing the light ;) I hope 2013 is a great year for you!!!