Finding the Perfect Planner

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The idea that I have to have a planner every year was indoctrinated in me at an early age. I can remember in about third grade we were required to get one for school, and Chandler's academic planners (remember those?) were all the rage. Now, I just feel sort of lost without one! The hunt is on for the perfect planner for this new year, and seeing as it is just around the corner, I better get a move on! I am finding myself drawn to something simple -- perhaps of the kraft paper variety? Have you found a planner for 2013? 

1.) Agenda Planner from Poketo
2.) Recycled Paper Monthly/Weekly Note planner from Muji
3.) Daily Planner Calendar in Peach from Julia Kostreva


  1. These are all pretty planner choices! I usually just go with my usual Moleskine because I like the layout, but maybe I should mix it up this year :) It always feels good to write lists in the planner and check things off! Happy new year!