Aarhus Day

Sunday, November 18, 2012

It looks like my days in Denmark are numbered (but more on that later when my plans have firmed up) so last Monday I took the day off work and headed north on the train to the second largest city in Denmark -- Aarhus. It is a really nice place, if you ever have the chance to visit. I know quite a few folks who think that Aarhus has a little something special that Copenhagen doesn't. I couldn't agree more. Luckily the weather was nice (well, by Danish standards anyhow) and I spent the whole day just wandering in and out of shops, cafes, and graffiti-filled corridors. I felt a little guilt over not visiting any museums (isn't someone working in the museum field supposed to visit ALL the museums?) but having the chance to just sit in a coffee shop and drink coffee and do some writing was thoroughly beneficial. I then topped off the day by seeing the Swedish band, First Aid Kit in the evening, which was really amazing and great fun. All in all -- a wonderful day. Goodbye for now, Aarhus... hope to see you again someday! 

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