Danish Holiday - Part One (Around Town and the Big City)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation came and went much too quickly. I stayed put in Denmark, but my little brother Bennett came to visit. The two weeks off of work were well worth it and much needed. We spent the first couple of days in Vejle, and then the next four in Copenhagen. After living in Denmark for almost a year, it was actually my first time spending any time in the capital city!

We did a ton... anyone who travels with me knows that I like to do and see -- not relax. So, we did and we saw and had a really nice time. Below are some instagrams I snapped while in Vejle and Copenhagen. More to come!

Bennett likes dogs after all/He also really likes sweets and pastries/Vejle has some nice spots, an old church and a nice harbor/Colorful buildings abound in Copenhagen/Changing of the guards at the royal palace/We learned about the work of Jørgen Leth/Visited so many museums and galleries, including the Danish Resistance Museum/Nørrebro turned out to be my kind of neighborhood and reminded us a bit of Chicago for some reason/Gorgeous shops and boutiques are everywhere in Copenhagen/Tivoli was just as breathtaking as everyone says it is/Nyhavn or the "Pretty Harbor" as we referred to it, mandatory for any tourist/Attended some of the Jazz Festival events including John Scofield in a beautiful old theatre/Sebastian and the Little Mermaid/Drank way too much overpriced coffee and ate lots of smørrebrød/Lines from The Room were exchanged frequently throughout the visit/Old buildings/Spelt porridge.


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! I'm so glad he got to visit you here!

  2. Thank you, Belle! I am so happy too! He loved Denmark and wants to return immediately! :)

  3. How nice!! Your photos are beautiful and food photos made me hungry!!