Brown and Blue

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Despite the multiple thrift shops in our area, it seems that they all primarily carry furniture and other home goods. Clothing (new or vintage) is hard to come by, so the other day when I found these two vintage dresses in great condition (and in my size) I had to jump! The blue dress totally reminds me of something a romance comic book character would wear! I also found a great orange vintage scarf, so that definitely came home with me to join the many other scarves in my collection! The boots are new too. They are quite comfy and just what I was looking for!


  1. They have loads of clothes genbrug shops in Fredericia. Plus, we have a straight-up vintage store! Maybe a shopping trip is in order after all this Christmas craziness is out of the way?

    I love your dress!

  2. Thanks! Oh yeah? I am curious about the vintage store! Do they have a website?

  3. Oh, yep!