The Woman in the Glove Box

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My first car was a white 1992 Toyota Corolla. I loved that little thing. My grandparents bought it from their neighbor in Florida, and I was lucky enough to get it. Though it was already almost 10 years old by the time I got it, it was in quite good shape as it had only been driven to the grocery store once a week or so by their neighbor. Anyhow, the first week I had it, I opened up the glove compartment and out fell a small stack of pictures and postcards. The above picture was one that dropped out of the box.

Though I removed the other photos and cards, I always kept this one in the glove compartment. When I got my Mazda in college, I was sure to move the mysterious woman's picture to that car's glove box. Not sure why, it just felt right.

Last February, I hit a deer while driving 60 mph. The front of my car was pretty much destroyed, but thankfully, the poor creature didn't go through the window shield. For that, I was immensely grateful. I sold the car to my younger brother just before leaving for Denmark as sort of a fix-er-upper. I was sure to leave the picture of the beautiful young woman in the glove compartment. Perhaps just a little superstition on my part, but I think she is a bit of a good luck charm.

For now, I am very happy to be a full-time pedestrian and occasional bus taker...


  1. What a cool story & photo. Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. Thanks! I wish I knew who she was...

  3. I wonder how she found her way into a 1992 vehicle...someone else must have been moving her picture from car to car also.

  4. It is possible she was the owner of the car or someone she knew (the previous owner was elderly).

  5. What a familiar face!! She is still there, hopefully you are right and she is good luck.


  6. Oh yes! She is quite pretty, whoever she is! :)